CryptoRaven OÜ

We are team focused on applications and games development. Our team has more than 8 years of experience in mobile and desktop applications development, developing scaleable software, making security audits over websites, applications and server software and overall reverse engineering.

What we do?

CryptoRaven OÜ team is developing mobile and desktop applications, games and useful tools for marketing purposes, social networking and as well specialistic software, like memory manipulation. We are also leading company in security audits and reverse engineering. We offer security audits on mobile applications, websites and other software. We can also conduct reverse engineering of your application to locate any security flaws and if applicable propose valid solution to protect your intellectual property.

Our Products


We are always actively working to improve our software to make it compatible with newest operating systems and to comply with new standards.


We are working very hard to maintain all our operations to be working flawlessly, however if something does not work, please contact us and we will fix this as soon as possible.


All our products are constantly developed to improve user experience, make sure best security levels are maintained and as well introduce new features. If you have suggestion we are open to hear about it and if possible, introduce in closest update.

Our Services

We offer security audits and overall review of your application, website or any other kind of software you wish to audit, we can also reverse engineer your application to extract desired information or rewrite desired function from low level code to higher language. Every audit will be prepared as document which will list all tests made, results along with described flaws and possible attacks, if any found. If needed we can offer solution for additional charge to every flaw we find, if client is interested it’s also possible that we may fix flaws in desired code, but it depends exactly on project and language used. We can also conduct typical usability test and locate regular bugs not related to security. For more details please contact us, every case is different so price and time needed will differ.


    Security audits and reverse engineering can vary from 30-300 EUR per hour of work, depending on complexity. However this is only indication, contact us with details for exact quotation.