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About CryptoRaven

Our team of specialists has extensive experience in software development, software auditing and reverse engineering, blockchain technology software development.

CryptoRaven can help you

-design and develop mobile and desktop application, game or decentralised application in a form of contract or sidechain application. Our team of experienced coders can also conduct security audit of such software or recommend independent software auditors.

-properly asses cryptocurrency project as foundation for your developments.

-auditing software.

-developing software.

-by granting access to the tailored private notification system with the latest news, prices and volume changes monitoring, available for cryptocurrencies and for the most of traditional exchanges, including, but not limited to Bitfinex, Poloniex, NYSE, CBOE, OTC, TSX, ASX.

Services We provide

We offer wide variety of services, ranging from software We developed and manage to tailored services for our customers, including software development planning, software security audits and software development itself.


Secure Storage

We educate how to secure cryptocurrency assets for corporate, HNWI and UHNWI. New technology gives great opportunities, but it is crucial to understand how to approach security issues. Without trusted third party like a bank, entire responsibility of securing assets lays on the cryptocurrency account’s owner and without proper management assets can be lost for ever.


Mobile Apps

We succeeded in developing high-ranked mobile applications which gives us advantage in advising and developing mobile applications for our customers, recommending the right solutions to deliver results for your needs and budgetary requirements.



We offer state-of-the art planning tailored to your needs for software development, everything We provide is prepared for you and your unique case to help you chase best opportunities.


Orientational pricing table excluding VAT and GST

Conversation per hour per employee 150-300 EUR
Assessment of your case and brief advise 400-2,500 EUR
Assessment of your case and detailed advise 2,000-10,000 EUR
Brief software security audit 1,000-10,000 EUR
Very detailed software security audit 10,000-100,000 EUR
Brief cryptocurrency project code analysis/review per one 300-900 EUR
Very detailed cryptocurrency project code analysis/review per one 1,200-5,000 EUR
Orientational hour rate for other tasks 150-300 EUR

Safety of information

We do treat the safety of our clients with the utmost care. Before engaging legally, we usually sign bilateral NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) with our clients in order to protect interests of both parties. This highest standard protects personal data and other confidential information, as well our work, solutions and analysis we developed/conducted. Based on your needs, we can offer to sign either unilateral or bilateral NDA.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of more commonly asked questions and replies.

Answer -> CryptoRaven can help you decide which platform and programming language you or your company should use considering all technical aspects of your project.
Answer -> Basing on your requirements we can help you choose platform, language and necessary frameworks to work with, in order to achieve your goals.

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Our office is located few steps away from heart of the city - old town in Tallinn.

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